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Intraday data delayed at least 15 minutes or per exchange requirements. By one measure, 2021 was crazier than the dot-com bubble, but by another, it didn’t get quite as out of hand. In both graphs, note the strong countertrend rallies by investors. These are echo bubbles by traders who think they’re buying dips or are playing on momentum. Once the trend reverses, it tends to stay down because there aren’t enough believers to come in and buy when the fundamentals no longer justify it. This will, supposedly, increase the adoption and the circulating volume of BQQQ within the ecosystem.


While the market price of QQQ ETF is breaking higher, the correlated market QQQM ETF also shows a significant technical correlation in the chart below. When QQQ EFT produced a double bottom at $260, QQQM ETF also produced a double bottom and broke the red trendline which indicates higher prices. QQQ ETF is trading at the verge of a descending broadening wedge pattern, indicating an upward price movement. ICO Drops receives a fee for advertising certain token sales, in which case such listing will be designated accordingly. Get stock recommendations, portfolio guidance, and more from The Motley Fool’s premium services.

BQQQ Markets

But we don’t use previous levels as indicators for these put-call ratios. Rather, they will remain bullish for stocks as long as they continue to decline — no matter how low they get on their charts. They will not generate sell signals until they roll over and begin to rise. Some people might disagree with me, but if you didn’t see any signs of froth in 2021, then you weren’t paying attention to the fundamentals.

  • But this latest back-and-forth action by the market, with several sharp down days, has taken its toll.
  • SPX has not closed the gap on its chart from that August time period .
  • The price is making lower lows and lower highs, while the trading range between the highs and lows is expanding.
  • However, the fund’s volatility and portfolio concentration make it inappropriate for many investors.
  • The weekly outlook for QQQ ETF is depicted on the chart below, where the price is currently bouncing off the long-term blue line.

Bitsdaq is a cryptocurrency trading platform which is founded by a group of experts in different fields of fintech, commercial real estate, and finance industries. It is headquartered in Hong Kong which has managed to establish itself as one of the leading financial centers across entire Asia. Ricky Ng, the founder and CEO of Bitsdaq, noted that BQQQ is popular among investors and cryptocurrency traders, which is shown in the growth of price in OTC market.

The used car market is behaving consistently with the theory of the echo bubbles, buyers who had waited for used car prices to come down in 2022 jumped at the first opportunity for prices to fall. Another strategic investment in the project was made by NGC – a Shanghai and Singapore-based for-profit fund management company. Besides investing in Bitsdaq, NGC will also aid the exchange to promote the growth of BQQQ tokens. Bitsdaq sets out to increase the overall liquidity of the BQQQ token by enabling more cryptocurrency trading pairs which are denominated in the BQQQ token.

To meet the trading needs of Bitsdaq platform token supporters, Bitsdaq will launch BQQQ/ETH trading pair on July 24. At the same time, BQQQ is officially listed on CoinPlanet, becoming the world’s first exchange token to implement viral marketing. As a result, QQQ is much more heavily exposed to the tech sector and large-cap growth stocks. More than one-third of VOO’s assets are allocated to the tech sector; QQQ nearly doubles that. VOO has approximately five times as many holdings, the top five of which comprise less than 20% of the total portfolio.

Economist Vernon L. Smith won a Nobel Prize for recreating real-world market scenarios in lab studies. Another interesting finding was that when they invited the participants to play a second time, they usually created a second bubble, known as an “echo bubble”. It will attempt to deliver an efficient, secure, as well as a transparent environment that will facilitate post-ICO and IEO development of reliable cryptocurrency startups.

BQQQ Price

Through a volatile, yet positive, 2020 to date, QQQ has also outpaced Vanguard’s flagship S&P ETF by 25 percentage points on the back of its biggest tech holdings. The Asia-Pacific markets went about in a lackluster manner on Tuesday, tracking the negative lead from Wall Street overnight and some domestic cues. ©McMillan Analysis Corporation is registered with the SEC as an investment advisor and with the CFTC as a commodity trading advisor. The information in this newsletter has been carefully compiled from sources believed to be reliable, but accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed. The officers or directors of McMillan Analysis Corporation, or accounts managed by such persons may have positions in the securities recommended in the advisory.


QQQ tracks the non-financial stocks that make up the NASDAQ-100 Index, whereas VOO is meant to track the S&P 500. European stocks were mostly higher amid some volatility on Tuesday. Stocks look set for another nervous session on Tuesday as traders look ahead to comments from Fed Chair Jerome Powell and another batch of earnings reports. Lawrence G. McMillan is a columnist for MarketWatch and editor of the “MarketWatch Options Trader” newsletter. He is president of McMillan Analysis, an investment and commodity-trading adviser. My articles typically cover macroeconomic trends, portfolio strategy, value investing, and behavioral finance.

The Investor’s Business Daily/TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics’ economic optimism index for February is due at 10 a.m. The index is compiled based on perceptions concerning economic conditions, economic outlook, personal financial outlook and confidence in federal economic policies. In January, the index dipped 0.6 points, to 42.3, well below the average reading of 49.6 for the past two decades. The 30-stock Dow Industrials managed to sneak above the unchanged line in early afternoon trading but pulled back soon after and closed modestly lower. I/we have a beneficial long position in the shares of MSFT, GOOGL either through stock ownership, options, or other derivatives.

The price is bouncing off the long-term support level of $260 with bullish price patterns of a descending broadening wedge. As a result of the bullish divergence, the QQQ ETF market price is nearing the $315 decision point, and a monthly close above this number will likely trigger the next significant advance. Since $260 is the baseline support level, a breach below $260 will initiate the subsequent price decline. On the other hand, the Fed is likely to raise interest rates further in 2023 until inflation approaches the long-term target of 2%. The higher inflation increases the risk in the stock market; however, technology stocks are less likely to be affected by inflation, as companies may increase costs in order to increase profits. Equity ownership is generally meant to provide capital growth in a portfolio, and QQQ has built a resume as the better option for long-term returns.

Interestingly enough, Bitsdaq has teamed up with popular cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex to create the first Joint-Order-Book in the world. The partnership will also provide Bitsdaq with the massive liquidity of Bittrex, as well as access to professional, institutional, and retail investors. The event will be held through their platform, and they will allocate BQQQ tokens at the price of $0.01. The only available payment will be Bitcoin, according to their own White Paper. Bitsdaq has also conducted two rounds of a private sale, garnering institutional investments and making strategic partnerships with key companies and industry proponents. The team has already partnered up with one of the world’s more popular cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex.

Bitsdaq Quarterly Returns

Although we try to list only legit projects we can not be responsible for any issues or loss due to scam. Create an account at Bitsdaq and complete your KYC to receive the tokens. Also get 500 BXBC for every referral and an extra 500 BXBC if the referee completes KYC. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. On the other hand, the Chinese, Hong Kong, Indonesian and South Korean markets advanced during the session. Climbed 1% ahead of a surprise press event to announce ChatGPT integration with its services.

Muhammad Umair, PhD is a financial markets analyst, advisor and investor with over 15 years of experience in financial markets. He is the founder of Gold Predictors, a web application that publishes in-depth analysis and educational materials on the forex, gold, and silver markets using advanced analytical techniques. He has transformed the world of trading and investing by developing superior forecasting techniques and analyses that have up to 95% accuracy in price points and timing. The high-quality analysis and trading ideas, available at the Gold Predictors website, are the result of extensive research and testing of trading strategies on live accounts over time.

In Italy, core CPI accelerated as well, despite a decrease in energy costs. German core inflation held steady rather than declining as anticipated. Classic experiential economics experiments show that these kinds of echo bubbles are common after an initial bubble pop, and they end predictably poorly. 2023 has seen a face-ripping rally in the NASDAQ, led by meme stocks and Big Tech. Bitsdaq users will be able to link their Spend Visa Card directly with their Apple Wallet or with the Google Pay Wallet.

He believes that the precious metals sector currently has the most potential. As a consequence, it is his main point of interest to help traders and investors make the most of that potential. Bitsdaq is destined to create a Pan-Asia Market Network that can fuel the prosperous development of the entire blockchain industry. Following BITTREX, we will be redefining IEO user experience with top-tier security standard and exceptional efficiency.

QQQ Echo Bubble: Traders Double Down, Ignore Inflation Red Flags

Even if there were no structural economic problems, stocks would still be expensive at current prices compared with historical figures. I’ll cover the inflation/Fed picture in-depth early next week before January CPI is released on Tuesday. One way to understand what’s going on is to study some experiential economics.

However, the fund’s volatility and portfolio concentration make it inappropriate for many investors. Anyone with a low risk tolerance, shorter time horizon, or preference for income investments should prefer VOO. Investors who are not in a position to withstand a downward fluctuation need bqqq to think about the pitfalls of low diversification and growth stock investing. Market implied 10-year inflation rates have rallied smoothly but quietly off of their lows set in December. Yes, the labor market remains strong, with implications for better or worse on inflation and growth.

All bags are subject to search by Prudential Center security team members at each point of entry. Bags that do not meet these expectations must be returned to the guest’s vehicle or stored in a Prudential Center supplied locker at the guest’s expense. Lockers are located outside the Ford Tower and Lafayette Street entrances. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. I/we have no stock, option or similar derivative position in any of the companies mentioned, and no plans to initiate any such positions within the next 72 hours. For a clear understanding of the breakout point, the chart below illustrates another wedge formation with a $315 target.

Bitsdaq is committed to building a world-class Asian blockchain asset trading platform by providing global investors with a safe, convenient, professional, and honest trading environment. Bitsdaq aims to become a leading international financial service provider. The platform is put directly on the transaction, which is expected to effectively improve international market visibility and transaction liquidity of high-quality projects. Bitsdaq intends to introduce a cryptocurrency trading platform which facilitates professional traders, cryptocurrency investors, as well as blockchain startups. In order to do so, the team has set out to create an exceptional user experience by implementing contemporary technology and applying its professional expertise.

The market price of QQQ ETF has reached a region of long-term support after a 37.41% drop in 2022. Please also note that data relating to the above-mentioned cryptocurrency presented here are based on third party sources. They are presented to you on an “as is” basis and for informational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind. Links provided to third-party sites are also not under Binance’s control.


QQQ’s top three holdings make up 35% of the total allocation, and the top five are almost 45%. The major U.S. averages ended Monday’s session lower, extending the losses from the previous session. Skittish traders liquidated stocks after bond yields surged on fears that the fed funds rate would continue to rise in the wake of recent strong economic data. The construct of volatility derivatives is also bullish for stocks – for the most part.

The only “worry” in the construct is that the CBOE short-term 9-day Volatility Index is higher than VIX. That’s because the CPI figures are due to be released this month on February 14th, and that is within the 9-day “window” for VIX9D. Traders are expecting the CPI figure to introduce some volatility into stock prices. Instead, the market has pulled back and retested what is now support at 4100 numerous times this week. So far, that support has held, but some overbought conditions and even sell signals have had time to manifest themselves while SPX stalls in this area. After Jerome Powell folded to the market’s bluff on February 1st, there has been a sense from the market that nothing can stop the rally.

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