BEDO Member Testimony : Send From Bali

On Friday our intern had a meeting with one of our members. This lead to an interesting questionnaire with some good answers. The company is of Theo, he is the owner of the company called send from Bali. This is an cargo company that is a great solution to all the shipping. Which followed to the first question, how did you find BEDO? Theo and his company have met BEDO through the previous owner of the company. He was already member and so he continued being a member and so he stayed a member. His first impression of BEDO was that he was fasinated by the help that BEDO offers and that they organize alot of events. This is why he is thinking of making his other company also a member of BEDO. The main reason Theo has started working with BEDO is because of the marketing BEDO offers and Theo liked that as a starting company. The main thing that he has learned from BEDO is that he got lots of information of how to handle the import and the export. We as BEDO were curious if our members know enough about our monthly gatherings. He said that the times he went it was really interesting but because of his busy businesses he has a difficulty with finding the time to join. But he hopes that he can join more often when possible. And the advice he gave to other members who are considering on joining BEDO is that if you would like to know more about the export business and to grow your network than BEDO is a great start for beginning entrepreneurs. It was great having this conversation with a long term member. It gives a good feeling to BEDO that we can keep our members happy. And we thank Theo making this interview happen.


For more information about the services Send From Bali delivers please visit their website.

Send From Bali



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