BEDO Social Program

The same opportunity for people with disability

From April until June 2010, BEDO with 3 disabled people organisations in Bali (Senang Hati, Yakkum Bali and Bunga Bali) and Volounter Service Overseas (VSO) are organising training for disabled people. The objective of the training is to increase the social and economic empowerment of the physically disabled people in Bali by helping them to find work in the formal sector.

From former experiences we learned that it is not enough to find job opportunities, but also to prepare the disabled people for working in the formal sector by teaching them hard skills, like working with the computer and learning them English, and soft skills, like motivation, independence, confidence, how to apply for a job, how to deal with problems etc.

This first training which took place last year had some successes. Five out of the twelve participants found a job. All the participants said that they learned a lot from the training. But the thing they missed in this first training was working experience. That is why we made some changes in the second training.

In this second training, which will start at April 13, we combine the hard skill and soft skill training with an internship. By doing that we hope people get to learn how things are being done at an office, school, hotel, shop etc. They also can get used to getting to work in time and get some experiences by doing different things at work.

The first four weeks the participants will work three hours a day in the morning, 5 days a week (from Monday until Friday). If everything works out, and the employers are still interested in helping us out, we like to increase the working hours in the second month up to 5 or 6 hours a day

The participants are all disabled; some of them use a wheelchair. The educational background of the participants differs, some joined SMA (senior highschool), and others only went to primary school. But all participants can read and write.

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For more info about this program, you can send email to or contact us by phone (085) 100909697

Current partners: Dnetwork (  & Puspadi Bali (

Companies that have already accepted interns: 

  • Sari Ayu Martha Tilaar (cosmetic)
  • Bappeda Denpasar (government)
  • Bali Hotel Association (organisation)
  • STIKOM Bali (university)
  • Matamera (advertising)
  • Tiga Grafis (advertising)
  • D&A (PR consultant)
  • Chikkey Monkey (kindegarden)
  • VSO (organisation)
  • Yakkum (disable people organisation)
  • Apotik K-24 (Drug store)
  • Adil Computer (Computer shop)
  • Naval Cargo (Cargo)

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