Want Us to Implement a Social Program?

BEDO has been a non-profit organization since 2005. We have administered programs for large corporations and government organizations with the greatest efficiency and success. Executing programs with the knowledge needed to utilize investment and have the largest impact. In some cases, we have implemented programs over the supply chain of large businesses to help increase the effectiveness and quality of the businesses supply chain output. Knowledge is one of the best investments to make, and building strong relationships with benefactors can be a priceless investment.


We have worked with ILO, Ministry of Trade, the Canadian government, APINDO and countless other organizations implementing the SCORE program, Export Coaching Program, Gender Program and countless others.


What kind of impact?


In a recent project, we facilitated a CSR program for Yammamay, an Italian fashion company who was interested in using us to best allocate its resources for a CSR project.


  • 90 “less fortunate” women from 6 villages of Bali were provided free training to be trained skills for the garment industry.
  • All beneficiaries are now successfully receiving and completing orders for buyers as well as running their independent small business.
  • Implementation of Personal Capacity Building skills to beneficiaries for workplace success.
  • Villages have facilitated on-going follow-up activities such as small courses, micro co-operatives & workgroups.
  • This project was implemented in collaboration with Fashion for Development, which purpose is to educate, empower, enhance & enrich the lives of women and children in different countries by creating jobs through fashion and creating awareness thanks to fashion’s powerful visibility.




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